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This fitting fits the GM 6L80E 6L90E 8L90E and 10L90E Automatic Transmissions. Fittings exit at the side to allow for fitment in tight transmission tunnels. This allows for easy tightening fittings also. The Motion Raceworks part uses factory bolt and seal style for easy to find parts and maintenance. The machined block has two 6 Oring ports.

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This is the second part of a three part series covering the 6L80/90 torque converters and their issues and failures. In this video, I go through the interna...The PPE Transmission Fluid Thermal Bypass Valve fits 2014-2018 Silverado 1500 with 6L80 Transmission. FREE 1 to 3-Day Delivery on Orders $119+ Details. Hello, Sign In My Account. Track Orders Account Saved Products; Help Sign In New Customer? Start Here. Cart(0) View Cart (0) Talk to a Silverado 1500 Sales TechBulletin No.: 22-NA-182. Date: September, 2022. INFORMATION. Subject: Information on 6L80 6L90 8L90 10L80 10L90 10L000 Equipped Vehicles With A Harsh Shift, Shudder, Surge, Stall, Transmission Overheating and/or High Transmission Fluid Temperature.The 6L 50 (and similar 6L 45) is a 6-speed longitudinally-mounted automatic transmission produced by General Motors.It is very similar in design to the larger GM 6L 80 and 6L 90, and is produced at GM Powertrain plants in Toledo, Ohio; Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico; and by the independent Punch Powerglide company in Strasbourg, France.Anyhow; once installed and up to temp, transmission stayed in the 144-147*F range in my 30 mile loop around suburbia in 45*F outside temps. ... I modified the thermal bypass valve on my 2016 Silverado 6L80E transmission using the Superior Transmission valve rebuild kit. My transmission fluid temperature around town used …

The synthetic fluid will not breakdown over 250F but the rubber valve seals and apply piston seals get very hard and shrink due to high temps and they fail to seal and begin leaking fluid under pressure causing shifting issues. I shoot for max of 190F on trans fluid temp esp when towing.

5. Reaction score. 0. 5.3l trans. temp. I would say the readings you are seeing are perfectly normal. Consider that the transmission cooler runs through the radiator. The coolant also runs through the radiator. If the coolant coming from the engine is 190-200*, it would stand to reason that the trans temps would be in that range too.There is a TSB listed in the transmission section of the forum for the 6l80. You can find all the details there. But theres a part you can replace which will will lower your temps into the 140s-160s. Simple, cheap change out. There's also other options listed within that area. Your engine temp is fine. FYI you have an ecotec 5.3, not a vortec

6L80 Temp? Jump to Latest Follow 2K views 1 reply 2 participants last post by Kindredmsg Nov 24, 2011. tomahawk256 Discussion starter 15 posts · Joined 2011 Add to quote; Only show this user #1 ...19trax95 said: If you want an absolute monster of a trans cooler for cheap, you can often find the coolers off the 03-06 6.0 powerstroke trucks. They are a 26 row cooler, and if you can overheat the trans with one of those on there, you have an issue lol. But the issue is fitting the thing behind the grill.Jun 24, 2021 · Figure 1. Getting back to the 6L80 transmission, with the years they have been on the road; we now see the types of failures for which they are susceptible. Things like converter clutch failures, output carrier lube failures, 4-5-6 clutch burnout, 4-5-6 clutch hub with the output carrier shaft snapping or twisting (caused by shift overlap ...Rough downshifts seem to be a trait of the Hydra-Matic 6L80 6 speed Automatic transmission (MYC), been to the dealership and drove a few new trucks after experiencing it in mine and they all had the same shift trait. Hard to get used to. I'm told most of the reason it does this is due to the freewheeling action that enables it to coast better ...Information about GM's 8-speed 8L90 M5U Hydra-Matic transmission, including details, specifications, vehicle applications, and more.

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2014 Silverado, 6L80, 4x4, ~140k 5.3l Symptoms/Background. ... Transmission temperature stays below the ~190f range during all this.[/*] When left to cool down completely, I have found that normal function returned. Sometimes with the same flare, and clunk, other times, just normal. I am able to put it in drive, and drive like nothing happened.

A little story to the day my transmission in my 2018 Silverado decided to heat up to 221 degrees!!!_Thanks for watching!_Please sub and help me reach 1,000 s....

* tcc is available in 2nd thru 6th gear, based on throttle position, fluid temp and vehicle speed. ** CONSTANTLY VARIES LINE PRESSURE BASED ON THROTTLE …Sep 17, 2023 · One of the key differences between the 6l80 and 6l90 transmissions is their size and weight. While nearly identical, the 6l80 is a slightly smaller transmission, with a total weight of around 195 pounds dry and 23.4″ in length. In comparison, the 6l90 transmission is about 1.5″ longer.The synthetic fluid will not breakdown over 250F but the rubber valve seals and apply piston seals get very hard and shrink due to high temps and they fail to seal and begin leaking fluid under pressure causing shifting issues. I shoot for max of 190F on trans fluid temp esp when towing.Jan 28, 2022 ... Comments203 ; Install UPDATED 6L80E Transmission Thermostat 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra. Dustin T ; Complete Guide: 6L80 Thermal Bypass ...GM indicates the normal operating range for a 6L80 transmission (without thermostat) is 180-200 degrees. I wont be able to help with your tune, but I've been …

from the info I have gathered, the car doesn't have a trans "limp mode" , but does display in the DIC "trans temp high,engine idle" or some varient thereof, basically at about 260 degrees (F), and remains until trans temp is below 230 degrees (F). The given fix for the DIC message is to either 1) reduce speed and drive car in S or D until temps ...Reducing 6L90E temperatures. I've been trying to reduce my 6L90E transmission temp for a while now. It's in a 72 chevy 4x4 with np205 transfer case and dual exhaust. The transmission on a 70 F day runs at 185 F, the issue really starts when climbing. It doesn't matter if it's a curvy road with a lot of shifting or a straight long grade …This video is about refilling Transmission fluid in a 2019 Chevrolet Z71 with no dipstick #automotive #mechanic #transmission #codemansauto #youtube #chevrol...6L80 TEHCM At Wholesale Prices At Street Smart, we provide remanufactured valve bodies shipped direct from the factory at wholesale prices. GM Valve Body + TEHCM Part Number Table. 6T70 / 6T75E 6T40 ... Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Intermittent P0715: P0715:The transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor is a sensor that’s typically located in the transmission valve body, behind the oil pan. The PCM uses the signals from this sensor when calculating parameters, such as torque converter clutch (TCC) control, shift points, and line pressure.

12.5" for 6L80E and 14.5" for 6L90E: Factory bushing kit: Thrust bearing kit (only needed if trans overheated) Sonnax billet aluminum 1-2-3-4 apply piston: Sonnax 4-5-6 piston kit: Optional but strongly recommended: Sonnax Zip Kit: Transgo Reprogramming kit is a viable alternative: Sonnax Oversized Clutch Boost Valve kitAccording to one mechanic, the 2007 Silverado's transmission cannot exceed 300 degrees F. The 2011 models and maybe 10 and 12 as well, should not go above 270 degrees F and definitely not above 285 degrees F. That was taken from a direct GM quote. Some dealers put the mark at 212 degrees F to be on the very safe side of things.

The 6L80E is a robust six-speed automatic transmission commonly found in a range of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and sports cars. While it is known for its durability, it can benefit significantly from custom tuning: Improved Shift Quality: One of the primary advantages of transmission tuning is the enhancement of shift quality.Makes your gen 5 GM Truck/SUV Transmission run cooler by 30*F to 40*F.With the G8's, as well as most other 6L80E applications, you will see an increase in mpg after the flash. Almost all of GM vehicles running anny version of the 6L80E have a desired slip of around 100rpm while cruising. This new flash will eliminate the slip as well as increase the converters life. 11.49 @ 118 1.49 60' Bolt on 2010 IOM Camaro.It still heats up to the same temp eventually--as set by the thermostat (my gets to about 180F, BTW), but it takes longer (due to the mass of the aluminum tranny pan) and seems to cool some as well--especially on the highway with airflow. ... With trans coolers you have to be careful you don't introduce too much pressure drop. On the 6L80 the ...Join Date. Dec 2014. Posts. 592. Actually, I completely forgot that the Trans "Limit Torque Management" settings have as associated "Enable Temp", which is '-427F' in my stock tune - so these settings don't appear to be "trans hot" related since they are apparently enabled at all temps. Any other ideas besides them only being for "trans hot" usage?To program a RiteTemp thermostat, first select Heat or Cool by pressing the mode switch. Then select the correct day to change that day’s temperature. Once the day is selected, pre...6l80e fluid temp question? ... Hi everyone got a little bit of a question about the temperature of the transmission fluid but I'm not sure it should be a concern yet 2011 GMC sierra 1500 with the six speed 6L 80 E transmission. on the weekends I pull a trailer and for the most part it does excellent, no shifting problems, no problems at all ...The GM 6L80 automatic transmission, while widely used in various car and truck models, has encountered some known issues over the years. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these common problems: 1. Torque Converter Failure. This is considered a major issue, often leading to cascading problems.

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She is a member of the Sonnax TASC Force (Technical Automotive Specialties Committee), a group of recognized industry technical specialists, transmission rebuilders and Sonnax Transmission Company technicians. Published: April 12, 2021. S hift complaints and related shift or solenoid codes are not uncommon in the GM 8L45 and 8L90 transmissions.

Whether it is a remanufactured 6l80e transmission, rebuilt 6l80 transmission, or even a used 6l80-e transmission, when you buy it from Reman-Transmission you know it will be a quality component for your vehicle's drivetrain that comes with a warranty to back it up. ... Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance: P0712 ...The 6L80 denotes that the transmission is a 6-Speed, Longitudinally mounted, and for 8000 lbs. vehicle weights. It's RPO code is "MYC" and it is domestically manufactured in GM's Ypsilanti, Michigan plant. Newer to the transmission world is its use of direct clutch-to-clutch shifting and the total lack of bands.The factory gauge was showing ~180, while the laptop was showing 246! I let the car run awhile and the temp on the laptop climbed all the way to 260, while the factory gauge was just a little above 180. I turned the car off and let it cool for ~6hrs. When I started it back up, the factory gauge showed ~105, while the laptop showed 174!Apr 5, 2022 · Welcome back! We are finally covering the 6L80 Thermal Bypass Mods. There are 4 unique mods that we will be covering in this video including the updated GM T...dipstick. Based on accessibility, transmission fluid may be added through the fill tube plug assembly hole (1) or through the oil level check plug hole in the bottom of the transmission fluid pan (2). Final level check, engine idling, transmission in park, temperature must be 86-122*FThis extra capacity heavy duty transmission oil pan fits GM 6 speed hydramatic 6L80, 6L80E transmissions. PML designed this pan for 2007 and newer Chevrolet and GM trucks and SUVs, such as these vehicles: Avalanche 1500, 2009 to 2014; ... Machining for Temperature Sensors.Temps weren't an issue as the trans temp remained normal and were generally around 130⁰ depending on ambient temp. 2015 Duramax, 1986 M1031, 2006 1500HD. ... I modified the thermal bypass valve on my 2016 Silverado 6L80E transmission using the Superior Transmission valve rebuild kit. My transmission fluid temperature around town used to run ...Those charts are from a long time ago. The newest Dexron 6 is designed to still work all the way to 260 as the trannys are. True you are losing a little clutch plate life, and runing at 210 is preferable. Remember new engines run at 200 f and trans cooler lines go through the radiators.Here are the most common symptoms of an overheating transmission: 1. Slipping. Slipping is a condition that occurs when the transmission revs higher than intended as the internal components fail to lock down on one another. An overheating transmission is the most common reason why a transmission will slip. 2.

Also, transmission fluid isn’t flammable. However, it is combustible, so it will ignite if it’s heated above the flashpoint. Most transmission fluid flashpoints are between 302°F and 383°F (150 – 195°C). There’s a normal situation for everything that occurs with cars, and the transmission temperature is no different.If you have found this video helpful, and you wish to donate to me, follow this link!! its easy!!https://paypal.me/aaronhinesauto?locale.x=en_USFollow this c...Lubricate a new 4-5-6 clutch piston with small amount of Trans-Jel® on both seal surfaces and install it into housing as shown in Figure 77, using a twisting motion. 7. Install the 4-5-6 clutch apply piston "bellville" type return spring, as shown in Figure 77, with the fingers facing up.Replacing the Thermal Bypass Valve (thermostat) on GM 6L80 Transmission referencing TSB 21-NA-199. This Silverado went from running around 190 F to 145 F!!!... chipotle promo codes june 2023 Oct 16, 2017 · Makes your gen 5 GM Truck/SUV Transmission run cooler by 30*F to 40*F. oath ceremony will be scheduled timeline The six-speed automatic transmission utilizes a broader gear ratio which accounts for its improved performance and fuel economy. While the 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission did excellently, the 6L90 upgrade made the 6L90 a better transmission. Fortunately, the 6L80 was replaced but existed together with the 6L90. breckie hill cameltoe 2014 6L80e Temperature Control Unit. I found the modulator today that keeps these new transmissions running so hot. Some will say these temps are normal for an empty truck not pulling a trailer. I'm not comfortable running my transmission at 198* under those conditions. bestgore. fun When the correct transmission temperature is achieved (about 100 F), raise the vehicle and remove the stand pipe plug to see whether fluid will trickle out or not. If needed, add fluid through the fill hole until it does. ... The clutch stack up in this assembly is somewhat similar to the 6L80 1-2-3-4 & 3-5/R clutch drum layout (Figure 9). firtion adams funeral home Mar 27, 2022 ... Install UPDATED 6L80E Transmission Thermostat 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra. 47K views · 2 years ago ...more ... stocktwits lxrx The 6l80 normal operating temperature is in the 180-200 range when fully warmed up, and this based on the thermostat that prevents transmission fluid from running through the whole transmission cooling system in an effort to improve gas mileage. See more finnertys scotch Hi All, Was wondering if someone could help out, have been working on a standalone 6L80e conversion and have had trouble programming the transmission. Have read through a few of the other threads but nothing seem to standout to resolve the issues I am experiencing. Here is a breakdown of the problem the 6L80e was brand new, with no factory program installed, have attempted to upload a ...COOLER FLOW BYPASS DELETE KIT. Fits 2014-on 6L80, 6L90, 2016-on 8L90, 2017-19 Allison. An easy, no-hassle cost-effective drop-in Cooler Flow Bypass Delete Kit for General Motors 6L80, 6L90, 8L90 and Allison transmissions. Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: Provides all-time cooler flow regardless of temperature. Prevents overheating.transmission fluid level if you have been driving: • When outside temperatures are above 90°F (32°C). • At high speed for quite a while. • In heavy traffic - especially in hot weather. • While pulling a trailer. To get the right reading, the fluid should be at normal. operating temperature, which is 180°F to 200°F. gacha life living room background Transmission temperature ... V8 and V6 Transmissions / Driveline (6L80 / 6L50 / TR6060 / AY6) - Camaro5 Chevy Camaro Forum / Camaro ZL1, SS and V6 Forums - Camaro5.comNov 24, 2011 · Before the change, I hadn't checked what the operating temps were, but during a 700 mile road trip I was averaging about 120-130 degrees for the first half of the trip, which seemed normal. However, on the second half of the trip my temp dropped as low as 111 degrees. I know lowering your temps is good, but is this too much. swift code for chase bank california South. Apr 6, 2022. #1. Anybody install the new trans cooler thermostat ( TSB GM # 21-NA-199) on their truck? I’ve seen DIY thermostat hack on Youtube to bypass the thermostat. Supposedly the new thermostat opens at 158 degrees and keeps the transmission from reaching the usual 190+ temps.Are you looking to transform your home office into a space that is both organized and stylish? Look no further than IKEA Tempe’s extensive product range. One of the key elements in... obituaries stanislaus county It's no secret if you own a 2014- 2018 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra that they have transmission issues. One reason for this is that they ran too hot from t...The manufacture of the 6L80 began in 2005 and was released in most GM vehicles in the model year of 2006. The transmission lasted until 2016, available in 6L80 vs 6L90 versions. 6L90 Transmission. GM introduced a stronger variant of the 6L80 transmission within a year, known as the 6L90 transmission, RPO code MYD. warrior cats rogues This pan is about 5/8" deeper than the 3.3" stock pan. PML also makes a GM 6L80 deep transmission pan with extra capacity. Applications. This pan will fit the GM 6L80, 6L80E transmission found on many configurations of GM, Cadillac, Chevy and Hummer H2. Some possible vehicles: Camaro 2010 to 2015, V8 6.2L.